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Frequently asked questions

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What is it?
An additive manufacturing platform which allows multiple printheads to deposit material on multiple beds in a continuous and uninterrupted way using rotation as its main drive mechanism.
Who is this for?
Additive manufacturing OEMs, Client Service providers, and high throughput 3D printing applications.
What are the main advantages?
The rotative aspect completely eliminates unecessary acceleration, making the printing process more controlled and more efficient through a constant RPM. With this concept, a single machine can print on multiple beds using multiple heads. Since the printheads can access all the beds at any given moment, the printing process is exponentially more efficient compared to the standard single printhead printing on a single machine. Each additional bed and printhead makes it exponentially faster and more efficient, all with the same machine space. The concept also allows for indepent access of finish part(s) on a bed, while the printheads continue printing on the remainder of the parts on the beds, allowing for uninterupted printing.

Torem meaning Creator in latin, I founded Torem Labs in Montreal, Canada, at the convergence of creativity and engineering. Additive manufacturing played a big role by being a source of experimentation, learning, and innovation. I personally see so much potential for innovation in this industry. With this in mind, I started to look at the heart of the process. I ended-up re-imagining additive manufacturing from the ground up with the aim of making it as efficient and as fast as possible, so that one day, 3D printing becomes a viable mass-production process.

Adel Alouani, Eng., MSc.

Founder at Torem Labs